R Weekly on Github

Check out this repo from Rweekly.org on Github: https://github.com/rweekly/rweekly.org

This is a great place to start with some coding fun and contribute to the community. Also hold you accountable.

Here’s an excerpt to their page:

R Weekly

R weekly provides weekly updates from the R community. You are welcome to contribute as long as you follow our code of conduct and our contributing guide.

How to contribute by using this repo

Update the draft post, and create a pull request.

Please respect the categories indicated in the contributing guide. The contributing guide also explains how to add images if necessary and when the weekly newsletter is frozen.

How to contribute without using Github

Submit your links or feeds for R Weekly posts and podcasts via going to https://rweekly.org/submit.

Note: Pleaseđź’ˇ Use W3C Feed Validation Service to checks the syntax of Atom or RSS feeds.


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